Untangle Your Training Problems

Untangle Your Training Problems

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Dog Training Classes
There are two dog training classes beginning in December. "Slow Down! "a workshop on December 4 for teaching your dog to walk on leash with pulling and "Come, Spot, Come" a workshop on December 11 in recall (teaching your dog to come when called). You can sign up online by clicking the training page on the right.

All dog training classes use positive reinforcement and include: Puppy Socialization, Family Dog One and Two (Beginning & Intermediate dog training) as well as Doggy Tuneup! (The tough stuff - recall, loose leash walking, no jumpng on people). The 2008 dog training class schedule will be posted shortly. All classes are in Berkeley with free parking.

Behavior Modification Consultations in the East Bay

For specific dog training problems you are having with your dog at home or on dog walks and outings. The consultations are in your home and available throughout the East Bay including: Alameda, Berkeley, Oakland, Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Albany, Kensington, El Cerrito, Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, El Sobrante and more.

Dog training and behavior issues dealt with include dog aggression (towards dogs or people), shy/fearful behavior, separation anxiety, jumping on people and furniture, destruction, pulling, recall (coming when called), barking, housebreaking and all the puppy issues, and more.

Cat Care Visits
For when you can't be there. Lots of TLC and play during each cat care visit as well as litter box cleanup, medications given, mail, newspaper and plant care. Areas served: Berkeley, North Oakland, Albany, El Cerrito.

Tip of the Week: Timing, Timing, Timing

Real estate agents chant "location, location, location." When training your dog, however, the motto is "timing, timing, timing."
Dog Training Tips to be posted by 12/1/2007.